Stephen L. Vint Plastering

Serving Southern California for over 35 Years


Our Company

At the age of sixteen Stephen L. Vint began working part time in the stucco trade.  At the age of twenty he had mastered the trade and started his own company.  Over the next thirty five years he built a company that is respected and trusted throughout Southern California. 
His longevity can be attributed to many things.  Faith, honesty, integrety, and always providing his clients with a high quality job at a reasonable price.  His goal throughout the years has been to establish great references by exceeding his high level of quality standards on every job.  Many people gamble with here today gone tommorow company's offering cheap prices and low quality work.  What makes this company unique is that you can get the low prices not typically offered by such an established company without sacrificing quality.

New Technology

With times and technology changing, we are at the forefront of new stucco products available.  We are proud to offer new acrylic finishes that are extremely durable, water proof, fade resistant, and flexible which reduces or even eliminates hair line cracking.  They also are available in any desired color.

Acrylic finishes are vastly superior to traditional stucco products.  This new technology can last twice as long as traditional stucco.  It also provides a more even high quality appearance that wont fade over time.  These new finishes can be done for only a small price difference when compared to typical stucco finishes.  Email or call today and we can provide you with more information on these finishes.